Javascript wizard Front End expert/Angular and React

JB-5706 – Software

Job Description

An International Product Startup developing business tool, now Looking for a JavaScript wizard to own the front-end of our product. Currently Angular , React in the near future. – Location: הרצליה


You need to know how to design, build and troubleshoot a complex front end JS application. You need to know how to profile the performance of the app within the browser – understanding the browser mechanisms when drawing and redrawing pixels, managing DOM elements and using various cache mechanisms. And you need to know how to do this for both desktop and mobile browsers. You need to know how to create an app with responsive design capabilities, that will look good on all 4 screens. Obviously, you need to have full control of JS (ES5),CSS3, HTML5, browser compatibility, asynchronous/event-driven programming, OO design, OOP methods and generally be a strong developer. Having an eye (and a hand) for graphics is a big plus. Having experience with each of Linux, AWS, svn, and any other programming languages (Java, Python, PHP…) is another plus.

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