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About us

We are professional recruiters with more than 15 years of experience in high tech, we have in-depth knowledge of the software, hardware, mobile, security, semiconductors and medical devices industry. We know the jobs, we know the profiles, we know the language.

Our specialties include technical recruitment for Software Architects, Software Leaders and Experts, Research and Development, Engineering, IT, Storage, Information Security, Medical Imaging and Devices, Kernel Development, System Integration, Virtualization, Hardware, ASIC, FPGA, SOC, MOBILE, and more. We also recruit professionals up to Director level in Sales and Marketing, Project and Product Managers in the high tech market. We currently have open positions in Marketing & Sales, System & Support, Software, Hardware & Electronics and more.

 Proven track record

Strategic clients include: Google, Oracle, SUN, Qualcomm, AMD, Easychip, Harmonic Lightwaves, VMware, RSA, and many more. We have been in the business since 2001.

 We speak high tech

We recruit C/C++, C#/.Net, Java, web, mobile, RT/Emd, Kernel, ASIC/FPGA and hardware engineers. In addition finance, Marketing, HR, IT operations and more.

 We think long-term

We provide in-depth interviewing, professional preparation for the interview with the company, assistance regarding salary negotiation, consulting throughout all stages.

As of September 2014 our Israeli sourcing services will be incorporated into Wizedom Corporate & Technical Recruiting

We source our candidates globally, we talk to our candidates personally. We take the time to research and understand. And we apply state of the art technology to source the right candidate, anywhere in the world.

 Profiling The Right Match

We develop a refined, in-depth w!zedom profile for every open position and for every new candidate with our unique and proven w!zedom methodology.

 Our Resume Feedback

We provide our candidates with a short resume feedback to make sure we understand your skills and interests.

 We Think Careers

Sourcing a matching candidate, we look beyond the matching keywords: We focus on potential. We investigate talent and muscles. We think about careers. We think long term.

 We Understand

We will ask more questions at the beginning - and we will get you better answers at the end.

 Believing In Our Candidates

We go with our candidates all the way. We are by their side from the first contact through negotiations (if requested) to signing the contract. We coach and prepare our candidates for their next career step.

 The w!zedom To Choose

With our customizable sourcing method, our in-depth knowledge of high tech job profiles and our vast experience in the market, we take the right choices for our clients and candidates.

Our Team

We're a highly experienced team of HR professionals with a passion for people and career-building. For the worldwide sourcing of candidates we apply the most up-to-date and innovative technologies in the market.

Meirav Magnezi

Lead Technical Sourcing & Recruiting, Expertise: Software

Meirav is founder and CEO of Wizedom.com and Wisemen.co.il. In March 2005 she established Wisemen.co.il, one of today's leading domestic recruiters in Israel. Answering market demand, she subsequently launched Wizedom.com in 2009 for global sourcing and recruiting. Over the years, Meirav successfully recruited thousands of candidates for the hi-tech and the commercial industry.

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Ronit Schwarz

Expertise: Management Level, Sales, Finance & Law, Admin

Ronit joined W!zedom in 2009 bringing in 15 plus years of experience in HR, most notably as Chief of Staff in the ministry of Finance, member of the building team of HSBC Bank in Israel and as HR Manager of Herzog, Fox & Neeman, the leading law firm in Israel. Her unique background naturally allowed Wizedom to expand the scope of business into fields of finance, law, sales & marketing and senior management.

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Inayat Khan

Technical Sourcing for Hardware & Software Dev

Inayat joined Wizedom in May 2013 with seven years of recruiting experience, ranging from initial sourcing of candidates to final placement. Covered nearly all markets including IT, NON-IT, Construction, Chemical, Pharma, Medical, Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil engineering, etc. Graduated from Kakatiya University in South India. Enthusiast about the job, as well as volleyball and cricket.

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What clients say

Our clients include corporations and start-ups. We have been recruiting continuously for a select group of top tier tech companies for a wide variety of positions in the fields of Research and Development, Engineering, Marketing, Operation, Finance and Human Resources.

  • Wizedom is a professional head hunter boutique company which delivers quality results fast. Meirav and the experienced and knowledgeable team manage to head hunt tailor made candidates with specific skills. The team owns the entire process, from beginning to end; it understands the exact requirements together with the company's needs and work environment and locates the right talent. Wizedom is one of the top leading recruiting companies I had the pleasure to work with.
    Avi Shapira - Director Software Development

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

  • W!zedom is a unique head hunting agency with exceptional personal “touch” to the clients unique needs. Their ability to learn and understand not only the professional needs of the Company in respect to potential recruits but more importantly the culture, atmosphere and above all the specific character required for a medical software startup company. We have been working with W!zedom for the past 2 years and found them to be very professional.
    Eyal Karev - CEO CardioArt Technologies

    CardioArt Technologies

  • I know Meirav since 2002. During these years Meirav gave Oracle recruiting services for a variety of positions. Professionally, I find her an expert in her field, providing excellent technical sourcing services. On a personal note, It was pleasure working with Meirav: her personal approach and customer focused attitude made the difference.
    Ella Marom - HR Manager at Oracle


  • It is not every day you get the chance to work with such unique and special people as Wizedom team. We have done some challenging recruitings with Wizedom including for our North America business branch and we were very satisfied with the results. The unusual combination and great balance between personality and professionalism, that creates a great partner. A partner that not only works for you, but much more important works with you - creating a partnership base upon listening, learning, understanding the company, the needs, the advantages and the difficulties. That is the "secret" behind the W!zedom success.
    Ofra Nur - HR Specialist at AlgoSec


  • Meirav is one of the smartest recruiters I know. She is a real professional recruiter, that masters sourcing and hiring techniques that are advanced, but on top of that has a strong sense for understanding people and organizations that is rare.
    Efrat Dagan - Lead Recruiter at Google


  • I worked with Meirav during a time when we experienced a rapid growth of our development team. We needed to hire quickly, but without any compromise on the quality of the people. Meirav provided me with the best possible service. She interviewed me to learn exactly what candidates I required, and then worked with me throughout the hiring process - identifying relevant candidates, getting initial feedback, and adjusting the process as we go. The results were excellent hires. Throughout this time of several years, Meirav maintained the highest standards in recruiting. working with her was both pleasant and most effective. Meirav is an excellent recruiting professional, and I highly recommend her.
    Omer Pomerantz - CTO at Oracle and Sun Microsystems

    Oracle and Sun Microsystems

  • I have worked with Meirav and her team several times for anything from basic recruiting needs to specific and highly challenging head hunting requirements. Meirav is a top notch expert who finds creative ways to meet the most challenging recruiting needs by taking the time to learn the company's technology, needs and culture so that only the most relevant candidates are introduced!
    Naama Halperin Berkovitch - Site Director at VMware, Co-Founder at Colabo

    Colabo and VMware


Thanks to our technology and methodology we find the best candidates for your open positions from Romania to Singapore, from the UK to India, from Israel to the US. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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